24/7 Prayer Room

The prayer room at Global Prayer Watch runs 24/7 with literally every hour of the day filled with at least one watchman on duty.

Currently there are about 40 individuals from different local churches taking regular prayer slots, with a team of 12 full-time prayer missionaries doing mainly the night hours. Most of these “watches” are corporate or individual two hour slots focussing on prayer and intercession for our city and the nations of the world. Global Prayer Watch is also directly linked with 90 different local churches from different denominations in and around Cape Town, each taking one day per week to pray for the city.

Who’s Involved?

  • Full-time Prayer Missionaries
  • Part-time Watchmen
  • Visitors
  • Leaders

Activities & Training Opportunities

  • Watchman's School of Prayer
    A full-time school of five days with lots of 24/7 worship, prayer, fellowship & fun! Click here for more information.
  • Face-2-Face Survivor Weekend
    Small group of young adults seeking God 24/7 for three days!
  • 10 Days
    People filling up prayer rooms for 10 days night and day prayer for revival.
  • 7 Day Lifestyle Challenge
    Small groups engaging in the 24/7 lifestyle for one week or longer.
  • The Face-2-Face Lifestyle
    A group of full-time prayer missionaries developing a 24/7 lifestyle of prayer, work and community outreach.

Visiting the Prayer Room

You are welcome to visit the prayer room. The prayer room is situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.
Click here for directions and contact information.

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