Wave of 24/7 prayer from the South!


Extra-ordinary wave of 24/7 prayer

We are currently witnessing an extra-ordinary wave of 24/7 prayer for revival across the country. More than 1,000 local churches, schools and different groups have each taken at least one week to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice and the unsaved in their churches and communities, since the beginning of 2013.

"7 Days on the Wall" is part of a world-wide 24/7 prayer movement that has constantly grown since the late 1980's. In South Africa we have witnessed waves of 24/7 prayer since the year 2000, with weeks of prayer, nights of prayer, days of 24/7 prayer and even 21 days of 24/7 prayer for the nation.

Calling the Nation

"7 Days on the Wall" is a national call to every expression of the Body of Christ in South Africa to take one week to earnestly seek God for spiritual breakthrough in our nation. During the World Prayer Assembly in Indonesia, 2012, about 9,000 delegates from more than 60 nations gathered to pray for the nations of the world. A group of leaders, representing various prayer networks around the world, felt led by the Holy Spirit to make a call for the year 2013 to be a year of intensified 24/7 prayer for revival in every nation. Upon their return, the delegation from SA shared this vision with a number of Christian leaders in Pretoria and Cape Town. At this time, Jericho Walls Prayer Network was asked to take the initiative in mobilising the Body of Christ in South Africa for this mission called "7 Days on the Wall".

Growing desire for spiritual awakening

Amidst a growing awareness of the need for revival, various churches right across the nation started to engage in these weeks of prayer from January, 2013. During the second half of the year, we saw hundreds of church leaders gathering from community to community throughout the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. As a result, "Community Based Prayer Networks" started to facilitate a process of organising a week of prayer among the various churches of each community. The response from the leaders was beyond expectation. During the two months of September/October in 2013, more than 200 local churches representing 12 different networks in Cape Town took part in this initiative. These developments contributed to a sudden rise of the prayer level across the nation, and the year 2013 ended with a total of 519 churches/groups that took part during the year!

Many wonderful testimonies have been shared from the different churches/towns across the nation. (See www.globalprayerwatch.org/7days/reports ). It was clear at that time, that it was not yet the end of this wave of prayer, and that God was calling us to continue our call to Him for revival. It was then decided to continue with this initiative during 2014.

Growing hunger among children in schools

On 11 June 2014, about 120 leaders, representing 30 communities across the city of Cape Town, gathered in Parow to give feedback on their weeks of prayer. Many were touched by the work of the Holy Spirit, especially a growing hunger among students in various schools in Stellenbosch. Delegates were also reminded of the will and desire of God to grant us revival, as many words and promises were received over the last 120 years indicating an eminent outpouring of the Holy Spirit, starting from the Southern parts of Africa. At the end of this Leadership Summit it was decided to take "Seven Weeks", 1 September 19 October, to mobilise the different churches in every community across the city to pray for revival. It was also felt to extend this invitation to the "Southern Gate of the Continent", mobilising communities across the mountain all along the coast up to Nelson Mandela Bay.

The wave cross over the mountain

An invitation was then taken to these communities along the Southern Cape, involving regional prayer networks in the Overberg, the George/Mossel Bay area, the Tsitsikamma area and the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole. The response was overwhelmingly and unexpectedly positive. More than 400 churches, schools and different groups took part over the "Seven Weeks" from Cape Town to Nelson Mandela Bay. This momentum resulted in more than 1,000 groups that each took at least one week since the beginning of 2013 to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice and the unsaved across the nation. So many testimonies, breakthroughs, healings and answers to prayer were recorded! Faith is starting to rise among believers that God is at the point of doing something significant in our country.

Seven Days for Seven Years

Next year this momentum is expected to continue, as more cities across the nation now want to get involved. There is a sense that this initiative which started out as "7 Days on the Wall", will continue for the next seven years until 2019. We trust the Lord that the whole country will be covered and completely saturated with prayer as thousands of churches rise up in praying for revival!

Choose a week Call your group And pray!

We invite you to be a part of this initiative, by mobilising your group, whether it's a local church, a school, business, prison, old age home, etc., for "7 Days on the Wall" with daily prayer for revival. For more info and resources, see www.globalprayerwatch.org/7days

May we see the greater works of the Holy Spirit in our day, as we earnestly seek God for an awakening that would not only touch this nation, but also impact the rest of the world!

In His service.

Daniel Brink.
Cape Town (South Africa)
Jericho Walls International Prayer Network

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