How do I do 7Days?

Practical STEPS to take in organising your 7Days!

Before the Time

  • Start organising/mobilising at least three weeks before the event.
  • Mobilise the whole church in your area. Call/connect with different age groups, ministry groups, congregations, etc.
  • Encourage preaching on "prayer & revival" three Sundays before your 7DAYS starts. (Use some videos available at www.jwipn.com)
  • Set up a prayer room three days before the 7DAYS starts.
  • Draw up a time schedule and let people sign up for specific hours.
  • Use the telephone to invite different groups to take prayer slots.
  • Ask for 24 individuals to take one hour every day.
  • Organise a corporate prayer/worship service to launch the event on the Sunday evening.
  • Provide relevant prayer information. (link to the e.g. Global Prayer Alert, JW Prayer Guide)
  • Pray for God to raise up every believer as a "house of prayer".

During the 7 Days

  • Update the Prayer Wall (* What is this?) as people sign up during the week.
  • Ask everyone to fill in the Prayer Journal (* What is this?) before he/she leaves the prayer room.
  • Send an sms reminder to individuals on the day they have a prayer slot, encouraging them to pray.
  • Organise one or more corporate prayer and worship sessions during the day.
  • Conclude your 7DAYS with a "Celebration and Thanksgiving" on the last night.

After the 7 Days

  • Call a meeting of leaders/organisers few days after the 7DAYS, and discuss feedback.
  • Consider giving people time to share testimonies during the church service.
  • Draw up a report of the finished 7DAYS for future reference and encouragement.
  • Decide on possible follow-up strategy or a next 7DAYS.

* Prayer Wall - A banner (size A1) with the image of a wall depicting all 168 hours of the week as stones. Names of the prayers can be filled in on every stone.

* Prayer Journal - An A4 size writing book that serves as a journal in which every person writes: Time slot and Name

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