How do I mobilise the whole church in my community?

Make use of every possible opportunity to clearly communicate all the answers to the following 5 simple questions.


  • Because Jesus is worthy of day and night prayer & worship! (Rev 5:8).
  • Drastic times call for drastic measures.
  • Some 20% of all South Africans have an active relationship with Jesus Christ, BUT God says...!
  • The moral decay in our nation is evident in every sphere of society, BUT God says...! (Luke 18:7,8).
  • Our nation is worthy of God's wrath, BUT God was looking for a man....! (Ezek.22:30).


  • Calling the whole Church to take 7 DAYS to PRAY AND INTERCEDE NIGHT AND DAY for spiritual breakthrough in your community, city, nation!


  • Calling the WHOLE CHURCH, young and old!


  • Set apart ONE WEEK in 2013! (Sunday midnight Sunday midnight)


  • PRAYING EVERYWHERE - in churches, businesses, streets, homes, schools, old age homes, public spaces, etc.!
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