Foundational Principles

These are a set of core values that determine the character and very ethos of this house of prayer.

Ministry unto God

  • Night and day prayer and worship (Luke 8:7; Isa 62:6-7; Rev 5:8) bringing the non-stop worship of heaven to earth.
  • Intimacy cultivating a life-style of prayer and devotion as kings and priests to God.
  • Biblical focus reading, praying and singing the Bible as our main prayer guide.
  • Enjoyable prayer learning that a lifestyle of holiness and intimacy with God (through prayer and worship) is what mankind was created for.
  • Unity / Team ministry making a declaration that God destined all believers to be ONE body, created to be intimate with ONE God.

Ministry unto people

  • Discipline in your own prayer life (24/7 facilitates such a lifestyle).
  • Accountability to one another.
  • Training and equipping.
  • Outreach to community.
  • Hospitality.
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