7Days"7Days on the Wall 2013" is part of a global awakening of day-and-night prayer. Many prayer networks have called for this year to be a year of focussed, intensified prayer for revival among the nations.

Over the first eight months of this year, 221 groups/churches have registered for the "7Days on the Wall" initiative, each taking one week to pray for revival, salvation of the unsaved and social justice in South Africa. Some of these groups represented up to 22 local churches working together in seeking spiritual breakthrough in their communities. There seems to be a sudden increase as September/October already shows more registrations than the total over the first eight months of this year.

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, ..."
(Eph 3:20)

24/7 Penetrates the Mother City!

As reports are coming in, it becomes clear that there is a remnant of the nation that has a growing desire for a renewed spiritual awakening across the country. There seems to be a sudden increase in the number of registrations for the rest of the year. August showed 42 registrations mainly from the Johannesburg/Soweto region. The momentum seems to increase sharply from beginning September with more than 100 churches/schools/farms in the Cape Peninsula engaging in weeks of 24/7 prayer for revival. This wave of 24/7 prayer is taking over the Mother City, as October has more churches registered than September. This includes more than 150 churches in the Helderberg, Brackenfell, City-Bowl, Tygerberg, Gugulethu, Kuils River and the West-Coast.

"Don't pray for me!"

One of the 40 prayer stations in the Paarl Valley sent in this amazing testimony. They scheduled a prayer walk in their community when the rain stopped their plans. They came together and re-strategized, deciding to have a prayer drive and pray at different locations. Each small team chose a letter and had to visit locations that start with the letter they received. One couple chose the letter A and decided to visit one of the local "Aduld Shops" in the Valley. Approaching the owner in the shop, they asked if they could pray for him. He declined the offer and they lingered in the shop. Few minutes later they approached him again and this time he agreed to be prayed for. After the short time of prayer he exclaimed that he feels so light as if things left him! We this positive reaction the couple left and thanked the Lord for this open door.

12 Nations pray for Revival!

At the "12th Watchman's School of Prayer" in Simon's Town, end of September, 120 believers from 12 different nations gathered for five days to seek God for revival. We received the following testimony from one of the youth leaders in KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga Province. "After the school I was revived and wanted my church to be revived also. I went to my pastors to share with them what I learned. They called the whole church for 7days of prayer and fasting. We prayed at church at 5-6am/ 5-6pm. We prayed for deliverance and for revival in the church. For 7days morning/ night we seek the Lord and at our Sunday service I was called to lead the worship. The Holy Spirit directed me to Revelation 4v4-11. As I read the word, all of a sudden I started repeating the worship words in verse 8 and 11. Then every one started worshiping, others bowed down crying for their mercy, the Spirit of the Lord was moving touching everyone, young and old in the church, reviving and delivering us. Then suddenly we were all filled with joy and we started to dance spiritual dancing, laughing and praising the Lord with loud shout. The Lord is faithful he answered us after 7days of prayer."

How to register your "7Days on the Wall"?

To register your church/group for "7Days on the Wall 2013", and find more resources, prayer information and practical guidelines on how to organise your week of prayer, visit www.globalprayerwatch.org/7days. You can also contact Lizette at the Jericho Walls Office, Tel: 021-919 7988 or e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Let's get on the Wall!

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