Lausanne III Feedback - Prayer on Signal Hill - 17 Oct 2010

Thumbnail-P1030147On Sunday, October 17th, 2010, 120 Christians from different nations gathered on Signal Hill in Cape Town to dedicate the Lausanne III Congress to the Lord and to pray for God’s blessing upon the nations of the world.




All you who live in the world, who reside on the earth, you will see a signal flag raised on the mountains; you will hear a trumpet being blown. For this is what the Lord has told me: “I will wait and watch from my place, like scorching heat produced by the sunlight, like a cloud of mist in the heat of harvest.”

Isaiah 18:3-4


With the birth of the city of Cape Town more than 300 years ago, a vegetable garden was established to provide fresh produce for visiting ships from Europe on there way to the Far East. A canon would be set up on Signal Hill above Sea Point with the purpose of giving signal to the farmers in the countryside that visiting ships arrived in the harbour to trade goods. We believe that one of Cape Town’s gifts is to be a place where nations will come and be refreshed and send on there journey. So up till today this canon is still going off every day at noon.


With this in mind a group of prayer leaders and intercessors from different nations gathered on Signal Hill lead by the scripture in Isaiah 18:3-4.


Threefold strategy

  • To sound the trumpet and call the nations to gather in His Name.
  • To do repentance for the reluctance and ignorance of the Church to take the Gospel to the nations.
  • To pray for the Holy Spirit to draw all nations unto Jesus Christ.


As we gathered in obedience to this call at noon, Sunday, 17th October, 2010, we made a corporate prayer unto God in blessing every nation coming to our city. In a symbolic gesture we took off our “shoes of unwillingness” to share the Gospel. A representative from the Afrikaner ethnic group then prayed and did repentance for the unwillingness to take the Gospel to the nations. We then received forgiveness from the Lord and put on “new shoes of willingness”.(Ephesians 6:12-15) Three delegates representing all the nations to the North, East and West of South Africa then prayed for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach every nation around the world. A leader from the DRC then closed the meeting in a prayer of blessing on the nations and the gathering of Lausanne in the city.


We thank God for His faithfulness and grace in being part of His greater work among the nations.


Daniel Brink.



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