Praise Report - 7 Days on the Wall 2017

"7 Days on the Wall"

Crying for Spiritual Breakthrough in South Africa

Progress Report



Dear Prayer Friends,

This year has been one of the most active years for spontaneous prayer initiatives around the country. A growing uncertainty in our nation is leading to more and more people crying out to God. The recent calls for nation-wide prayer for the on-going drought, crime & violent deaths, are some examples of these. Coming closer to the end of 2017, we have also witnessed the biggest prayer gathering in recent history in Bloemfontein, 22 April, this year. We can draw much encouragement from these movements of the Holy Spirit. One of the nation-wide prayer initiatives is the "7 Days on the Wall", engaging thousands of churches, schools and other groups across the nation to pray for Spiritual Awakening, Salvation of Souls and Social Justice.

Extra-ordinary wave of 24/7 prayer continues!

"7 Days on the Wall" is a national call to every expression of the Body of Christ in South Africa to take one week to earnestly seek God for spiritual breakthrough in our nation.

More than 4,000 local churches, schools and different groups have each taken at least one week to pray for spiritual awakening, social justice and the unsaved in their churches and communities, since the beginning of 2013.

In the midst of social unrest, a struggling economy, a severe national drought, and other serious challenges that we face as South Africans at this time, there is a growing need for Christians across the Body of Christ, to unite in sustainable persevering prayer for our nation.

"7 Days on the Wall" is part of a world-wide 24/7 prayer movement that has constantly grown since the late 1980's. In South Africa we have witnessed waves of 24/7 prayer since the year 2000, with weeks of prayer, nights of prayer, days of 24/7 prayer and even 21 days of 24/7 prayer for the nation.

Growing desire for Spiritual Awakening

Amidst a growing awareness of the need for revival, various churches right across the nation started to engage in these weeks of prayer from January, 2013. During the second half of the year, we saw hundreds of church leaders gathering from community to community throughout the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. As a result, "Community Based Prayer Networks" started to facilitate a process of organising a week of prayer among the various churches of each community. The response from the leaders was beyond expectation. During the two months of September/October in 2013, more than 200 local churches representing 12 different networks in Cape Town took part in this initiative.

This year, we have seen more than 1000 such churches/schools/groups participating in this initiative. From Cape Town to Kathu, from Bloemfontein to East-London, from George to Middelburg, Christians gathered in homes, churches, schools and various public spaces to seek God for revival in their communities.

Some Testimonies

  • In the drought stricken town of Calvinia in the Karoo, they had their first week of prayer with more than 30 groups participating, including 10 farms and 11 businesses.
  • In Mpumalanga they had 7 groups in rural villages that each prayed one week for 14 weeks.
  • The 7 Days Initiative, especially praying for awakening, has helped us to shift the focus back on the Lord and this has brought a reviving to the hearts. Maranatha Prayer Network, Mitchell's Plain.
  • One fellowship in Lavender Hill reports how the Lord started sending unbelievers to their prayer meetings, with 7 being converted in one week! They have also witnessed a drastic decrease in the murder rate since the Church Leaders started to prayer walk the suburb since October last year!
  • On the last day of the "7 Days on the Wall"... the heavens opened up and the Lord poured out the much needed rain we have been praying for. Southern Suburbs Prayer Network, Cape Town.

Building towards 2019

Still the vision is growing, as many of these groups are engaging in two weeks per year, building up to the year 2019. Just think about it! God is raising up thousands of churches/schools/groups all over the country, to call unto Him for spiritual awakening! He says in Luke 18, that He will answer us, and will do it speedily!

As we approach next year, churches/schools/groups are encouraged to choose one week during each of the following 7 week periods: (Sunday to Sunday)

1 April 10 May, 2018
27 August 14 October, 2018

May we see His promises for South Africa be fulfilled in our generation! (Isaiah 62:6,7)

Let Your Kingdom come !!

Danil Brink
Regional Coordinator
Jericho Walls International Prayer Network

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