Watchman's School of Prayer 2010 - Feedback

image000-thumbnailDuring the week of 27 September to 1 October, 130 church leaders, youth leaders & intercessors, representing 13 different nations, gathered in Cape Town for the 9th Watchman’s School of Prayer 2010.





The focus of the week centred around three questions:

  • Who is God really?
  • How can I encounter Him?
  • How can I help others to connect with Him?


A strong sense of unity prevailed even from the first evening as it felt like family that re-united after long time.


Some of the topics covered during the week:

  • Who God is?
  • The Father’s heart.
  • Authority in prayer.
  • When revival comes.
  • The heart of 24/7 prayer.


Here follows a personal testimony of one of the delegates about what happened on the last day at the school.

“The whole conference was marked by extreme unity in the group, we were indeed of one mind and one heart. And is was not the kind of unity of a people agreeing upon everything, it was rather a humble submission and respecting of one another's different ways of expressing God's presence, praise, worship and adoration. My understanding of unity (Ps.133) has been refreshingly stirred and being transformed!

The last morning we experienced a true visitation of the Lord Jesus by His Holy Spirit. There was a moment of silence as we all just went down on our knees and faces, there was absolutely NO ONE who remained on their chairs!

We did not 'feel' God's presence, we were right in the middle of it, we did not feel the need to petition for anything, for our petition for revival had come upon ourselves as from the very heart of God Himself. We needed not to explain our hearts or desires, for we were overwhelmed by the revelation of the Spirit of God of the depth of HIS HEART'S CRY!! His majestic, splendorous en pure desire for us, blotted out our requests, our thoughts, our intentions, excuses and even desires. There was a silence upon us, not in expectancy, but in complete satisfaction for our God has drawn so near to us. Never before I felt such one-ness of spirit, there were not funny manifestations, just a hungry people on their knees ending of with the Our Father prayer in the tongues of the nations presented!”

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Many delegates testified of a time of healing and personal restoration. Many have been strengthened and encouraged to continue with the work of night and day prayer. Almost 80% of the delegates indicated that they are planning to continue with planting 24/7 prayer watches or assist in starting a new one.


We give thanks to God who blessed us beyond our expectations.


Daniel & team at Global Prayer Watch.


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